Implement and integrate the eCOS® software suite



The eCOS® Designing service is here to help you start and master the software suite.
Our teams ensure the best set up of your software and support you in each step of the project, to ensure a progressive and successful deployment.
Their missions? Allowing you to start making your first operations with eCOS® ASAP.



The kick-off is the beginning of our collaboration!
Our consultants, actual business experts meet with you to analyse your entire internal and external processes.
By interviewing the key interlocutors of your organisation, our consultants make an in-depth analysis of your processes, from the interfacing with your CRM tools, to connections with your providers.
After this study, you will be given a document formalizing this analysis in order to validate together our recommandations and add the adjustments you need.

Kick Off


After the kick-off, our consultants set-up your eCOS® tools. Setup your brands, your product lines, your retailers, or customizing our products to your own retailing and promotion modes, offering support to the providers for the implementation of EDIs… these are some examples of the implementations that our business experts make for you.


Once set up, this step gives you the opportunity to test eCOS® and familiarize yourself with the software. This step is as important for you as it is for us: it allows us to ensure that the setting up is done according to what has been recommended and validated during the kick-off.
We test the platform and the interfacings' functioning with you, as well as with your providers who also have access to their own eCOS® portal.
Once the tests are done, the GO LIVE of your solution starts!



Your solution has been tested and is ready to be deployed! Entrusting the management and monitoring of your retail execution process to tools, as effective and intuitive as eCOS®, is an important change for you and your field teams.
We know how high the stakes are and that is why we move forward with you, step-by-step, to ensure a fast deployment of our solutions while helping you manage change for your teams.

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